Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Fun Night Out

Las night fun was had by all at the Berry Basket Quilters.  Some of the highlights were the donations for our community outreach.  Quilters are such generous people.  There's always beautiful quilts every month whether for QOV, our local hospital pediatric ward, and or community efforts for families in need.

community outreach quilt

baby quilts

Then there were those who finished this month's BOM - the Boston Star - did not get the entire line of people - a lot of blocks!

And the lovely young lady in the top row with the birthday hat on is Betty - we all wore hats for the evening (and ate delicious cake) to help her celebrate her 90th birthday!!  This lady is absolutely AMAZING!  You just can't keep up with her - you CAN'T!  I told her I wish I was as young as she is.  And then our over achievers :)  These two are ahead on their star blocks for our 2012, and have assembled these gorgeous tops!

star blocks - BOM

Last night was also the end of our guild's "Name Your Space" challenge.  It was great to see all the different ideas everyone had.  The "Fabricologist" piece won :)
name your space challenge

My camera batteries were dead by the time we got to show and tell, and the birthday party. . . but I was having too much fun to worry about pictures anyway! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Time No Sew!!

I have not touched my sewing machine since my last post!!  Ugh!  The entire summer has gone by without anything to show for it.  Life Happens!  I had to take on a second job at the end of March which cut my available time down considerably, and recently due to the foundation of our house sinking, and other timely incidentals, we have now relocated to my mother's home, with the majority of our belongings stowed away in storage.  Regardless of the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY no room for fabric, tools, and sewing machine, I ignored my husband's protesting and brought them.  Well, as much of them as I could without looking insane.  A great deal of fabric is storage - this pains me - but I managed to smuggle two totes worth of scraps and fat quarters covering the spectrum of all colors one could possibly think they might need to have a smidgen of on hand! :)  So, I've been driving around with the said smuggled items in the back of my car for 4 weeks now - did I mention I was trying to not look insane?  With the only space available to work in/on being the kitchen table - I can see this going to be difficult, but I intend to perservere.  So I took my fabrics & tools out yesterday -- knowing I had an hour on hand that no one would be around, and I wouldn't be in their way or visa-versa -- and I cut out fabric needed for my September BOM for guild (meeting tonight).


Then today, same time, I was able to sew my block together!

sep bom
At least I have a little relief.  Sewing for me is like therapy and I've been missing it sooooo much!  And having the night off so I can attend a guild meeting??  That like a 2 for 1 kind'a day! :)

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