Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sew Long No Sew!

Yes, it has been a while - well over a year!  And yes, I have not sewn this entire time.  I have moved into a new home, done a little painting, a little unpacking, and a little setting up, and started a new job.  Still not all the way there, but have finally gotten the time to come out from under everything and get the machine hummin' once again!

First on the cutting table is McCalls 6988.
Yep, not a quilt - but quilts are definitely on the "to-do" list!  And since I haven't curbed my acquisition of fabric, I have tons of fabric sitting around to start with.  Perfect timing for sewing apparel. I'm no longer driving a school bus.  I am now in the school office, so it's definitely time for a wardrobe update!
I actually didn't have any zippers, so off for a quick road trip to Walmart with Mom, and that was quickly remedied!

The fabric I'm using for this dress was actually purchased at an estate sale last Spring. I got 2 containers of fabric as well as a sewing box, a Christmas box and a trash bag full! 

First off, I need accompaniment.  A travelling companion. Co-pilot, if you will.  Don't know why, but I always have to have something on while I'm sewing.  This time of year, I'll admit, I get a little "Stephen King-ish" so to help me on my adventure, I select from my Netflix queue "The Stand".

Love Mother Abagail. "Mayhab it is, Mayhab it ain't!"

And off we go~

And here it is . . .

Anxious to see it on and take a picture. Now my husband is telling me the hem and side seam need to be pressed - they're not laying flat.  Thanks dear. LOL!  Anyway, a good pressing and onto a hanger.  Think I'll wear this tomorrow.  Have a great week!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lovin' "No Triangles"!

I saw a picture on pinterest of a zig-zag or chevron style quilt that was no triangles.  The link on the pin did not work, but the picture was enough for me to go ahead and jump in.  I have 1 baby quilt I need for a baby shower next week, and 1 I wanted to make for Christmas.

Its put together by making a two strip block, and turning the block in each row to form a zig-zag pattern.  My background and binding color will be gray, I decided on a 4" finished block, so here are my 2 1/2" strips cut for quilt 1 and quilt 2.

Sewing on my gray strips to my print strips looks like this . . .

and then cut into 4 1/2" squares . . .

Layout my design, left, right, left . . .

After laying out my design I began assembling the rows together . . .

Tops are ready to be quilted.

I love how these came out and how easily they went together.  I'll be quilting #1 over the weekend, and #2 next week.  Baby quilt #2 will be my first item off my Christmas list.  I have a few more Christmas items lined up and waiting for me to get to them.  There will be a lot of Christmas work going on over the next few weeks :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ho Ho HO!

Today is my turn to share in the Ho, Ho, Ho - Christmas in July hosted by Madam Sam at Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader Carol from Just Let me Quilt!  A HUGE thank you to both! There have been some fabulous projects all week long, and more to come! Please stop by today's posters to get in the holiday spirit and see what they've created!

August 8

As far as far as summers go - this one has pretty much been a whirlwind!  So, I really enjoyed this little project to just break from the little rat race we've got going on :)

For me, Christmas is a time of FAVORITES! So, I started with my FAVORITE block - the New York Beauty.  I wanted a table topper.  So to jump right in and get to work, I popped in a dvd - my favorite Christmas movie - of all time. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!
I mean really - locked in the attic with the home movies & Chevy Chase running up the stairs with that squirrel on his back! Forget it!!

For foundation paper, my favorite is the Crayola Doodle Pad.

It's newsprint, and it rips SUPER EASY!  /The fact that it's only a couple bucks at Walmart is super cool too!

So, I trim it up for the printer like so . . .

I found a couple of New York Beauty patterns online - but they were all 6" or 8".  I don't know if that's because it prints out better on 8 1/2 x 11 paper - or why really, but what I wanted a 12" block, and I've never really been a "fit on the paper" kind of gal anyway, soooo . . . I hop on over to my next favorite - my most favorite Christmas present (thank you hubby) - love, love, love my EQ7!

I drafted up a couple options and played around with some color - wham bam! I got my 12" block :)

Once my pieces were printed, I notched the areas where the lines were to meet, use a little dab of the glue stick, and there it is.

Around here - for us - Christmas isn't so much red and green, but more like LOTS of color
 and and festiveness.  So I just grabbed some of everything and jumped right in!

Zip zip and here we go . . .

About here is where I put on my favorite Christmas music while I sew :)

Once I have one together, just to check it out - I throw some rocks and silk flowers in a glass, light some tea lights to get a "feel" if this is going the direction I want . . .

 Yeah, I'm diggin' it :)

Now, I don't know if you tell looking at this block - but once my blocks were together, I sliced a little extra down - this doesn't exactly make them wonky,

 but it's kind of like turning the end of a kaleidoscope - skews my angles a little when they meet up. This gives a slight star-like effect.

I need to put a back on it and quilt it - I was thinking maybe another design so it could be reversible - maybe a tree or snowman, or something.  On the other hand I really liked the idea of doing some free motion pebbles around the outer gray area - which may not exactly translate with what's going on the back - will have to ponder this some more.  What do you think - what would you do?

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Yeah!  I finally finished the piecing on my log cabin top :)

Now I'll be playing around with the back.  If you happen to have the day off (I don't) enjoy it!  A happy and safe holiday to all!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Slow Going

Putting the final rows together of my red and white log cabin has been going slower than I anticipated.  But it's summer and I am enjoying it! :)  You may have seen when I started these log cabin blocks way back in January, and again here.  And due to our being in transition between houses - space was just not available and it became very difficult to sew.  Fortunately we've moved into our new home, I've got my machines up and running, and you could see I was making progress again.

I finally got the rows pieced together - and numbered them with my Frixion Pilot pens so I don't get them out of order.  I love them!  A touch with the iron, and poof! the lines vanish.  [I have to be careful - I actually marked on something one time and left it lying on a spot of my work table that was touched by direct sunlight - I came back and the lines had disappeared on that section of my fabric!] 

Not a lot of time today, I have to get to work in a few, so I HOPE to finish up my sashing tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had a some time (and quiet) early this morning, so I sat on the porch with my iced coffee before the heat set in, and got on my laptop.  I have really been enjoying EQ7's Summery Drawing Series.  This morning was block 3.  It's been really useful in helping me get acquainted with all the bells and whistles of this wonderful software.  I worked with the "PatchDraw Block" this morning.
The possibilities are endless!

Also sharing a couple purchases :) 

These lovely hand dyed fabrics from Ruby Mountain Dye Works 

and these yummy fat quarters from Me and My Sister Designs - part of Ticklish Collection
Last but not least, I will be participating in Sew We Quilt's  Ho, Ho, Ho Blog Hop - part of a Christmas in July celebration.  So I've started pulling out fabrics to begin getting the idea bank churning to see what I can come up with.
I enjoy participating in the hops.  It gives me a chance to try some new things out, and it also pushes me to do a little more.  The hop will be July 31st thru August 9th.  My blog will be on the hop August 8th.  Hope you can stop by! 

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