Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sew Long No Sew!

Yes, it has been a while - well over a year!  And yes, I have not sewn this entire time.  I have moved into a new home, done a little painting, a little unpacking, and a little setting up, and started a new job.  Still not all the way there, but have finally gotten the time to come out from under everything and get the machine hummin' once again!

First on the cutting table is McCalls 6988.
Yep, not a quilt - but quilts are definitely on the "to-do" list!  And since I haven't curbed my acquisition of fabric, I have tons of fabric sitting around to start with.  Perfect timing for sewing apparel. I'm no longer driving a school bus.  I am now in the school office, so it's definitely time for a wardrobe update!
I actually didn't have any zippers, so off for a quick road trip to Walmart with Mom, and that was quickly remedied!

The fabric I'm using for this dress was actually purchased at an estate sale last Spring. I got 2 containers of fabric as well as a sewing box, a Christmas box and a trash bag full! 

First off, I need accompaniment.  A travelling companion. Co-pilot, if you will.  Don't know why, but I always have to have something on while I'm sewing.  This time of year, I'll admit, I get a little "Stephen King-ish" so to help me on my adventure, I select from my Netflix queue "The Stand".

Love Mother Abagail. "Mayhab it is, Mayhab it ain't!"

And off we go~

And here it is . . .

Anxious to see it on and take a picture. Now my husband is telling me the hem and side seam need to be pressed - they're not laying flat.  Thanks dear. LOL!  Anyway, a good pressing and onto a hanger.  Think I'll wear this tomorrow.  Have a great week!

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