Saturday, December 31, 2011

One more thing before 2012

I coupon.  I'll admit it - I do.  I am able to save my family 65-80% on groceries, household, and health and beauty products.  Everyone coupons for different reasons - for me . . . it leaves me with extra money to BUY FABRIC!!! :)  So anyway, I saw this coupon clutch which is a cover/bag for your binder - it sells for $29.95, which I'm not spending.  There are velcro flaps along both sides, coming around to the front which makes it look more like a purse than a binder.  I saw they also sold a pattern for it, and I have plenty (and I do mean plenty) of fabric on hand, so why not? So yesterday I spent 4 hours putting this together, on what would be my last sewing day of the year.  Have to say the pattern was not great, and I probably would've spent less time if I wasn't so lazy and just went ahead and drafted one myself!
Okay, so the first thing was the instructions were for a 2" binder, and my binder was 1 1/2", but I just figured I would sew up whatever slack there was - after cutting according to instruction measurements . . . um - too short!  It would not wrap around my binder, so I added an inch-and-a-half of contrasting fabric on each side - now it works.
I proceeded along, checking, measuring, and top stitching as I went.  The instructions were not thorough, but more-or-less general.  I did not like the big 1 patch pocket configuration, so I made my own to fit what I wanted, and to include my shopping cards.  There were no real "finishing" instructions for the inside flaps of the binder covers so I just turned under and hemmed before assembling.  Also there was no binding the ends/edges of the spine portion of the cover.  Just to zig zag stitch before assembling and turn so I added these 1" strips on each side before assembling - kind of like a self-binding for a neater appearance.  I don't know if this is how the ones sold are assembled, but I wouldn't want to pay for anything with zig zag showing. :(
Now, mine is done, and I'm very happy with it.  With the few adjustments I made, I will make one for my best friend - now we can shop in style!
A very happy new year to you!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Holiday Baking

Squeezing some baking into my schedule.  The recipe I'm making today is my grandmother's Orange Slice Cookies, one of my favorite.  I can't do everything at one shot, so I'm making the dough this afternoon, and will be baking cookies tomorrow and Friday.  Recipe is pretty simple - just a little time needed to cut the orange slice candies - dipping my scissors into flour to keep things moving along :).

this dough is very thick and stiff - after mixing most of the ingredients I have to switch over to a dough hook . . .

Now a quick roll up to make for easy storage and a quick "slice n' bake" :).

I'll just slip these in the freezer right next to the candy cane cookie dough I prepared over the weekend! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Quick Holiday Gifties!

I've been busy gettin' ALL kinds of stuff done - REALLY!  I have!  I'm just terrible at stopping to take pictures, and post updates and info on it :( ...  LOL!  Anyway, it's a great time to make a resolution to get better at it!  :)   So, since there's still 7 sewing days 'til Christmas, I was looking to get a couple of holiday goodies done (just in time!), so a BIG THANKS to Rachel at "Not-so-Plan Jane for this too cute Snowman Mug Rug tutorial! Today (with camera by my side) I started these adorable mug rugs.  I'm making 16 to give as gifts - 4 sets of 4.  Something that doesn't require too much fussing, and I will be able to get them done between today and tomorrow.  Today I gathered my holiday type scraps and cut out my blocks, strips, and some assorted leftovers for a backings.

... now, everybody line up - it's assembly time!

Apparently I can't count - during this prestigious procession I ended up missing some of my 2" squares - back to the cutting board! LOL!

... all my my snowmen are clipped - now on to the next two assembly rounds - the sides and backs . . .

Again, thanking the Lord for my never-ending stash (hoard) of fabric, I quickly retrieve some orange, and after applying wonder under, I cut out the noses.  They're starting to come to life :)

Now, I have the batting cut, and with all 16 mug rug tops done, I'm calling it quits for the day - I'm ready to - it has nothing to do with the fact that my husband and kids are complaining about fending for themselves for breakfast and lunch . . . or that they're starting to ask if I will be fixing dinner today.  Honest!

Tomorrow I will put my mug rugs together, quilt, and machine bind.  [Note to self - put dinner in the crock pot in the morning!] 

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