Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Quick Holiday Gifties!

I've been busy gettin' ALL kinds of stuff done - REALLY!  I have!  I'm just terrible at stopping to take pictures, and post updates and info on it :( ...  LOL!  Anyway, it's a great time to make a resolution to get better at it!  :)   So, since there's still 7 sewing days 'til Christmas, I was looking to get a couple of holiday goodies done (just in time!), so a BIG THANKS to Rachel at "Not-so-Plan Jane for this too cute Snowman Mug Rug tutorial! Today (with camera by my side) I started these adorable mug rugs.  I'm making 16 to give as gifts - 4 sets of 4.  Something that doesn't require too much fussing, and I will be able to get them done between today and tomorrow.  Today I gathered my holiday type scraps and cut out my blocks, strips, and some assorted leftovers for a backings.

... now, everybody line up - it's assembly time!

Apparently I can't count - during this prestigious procession I ended up missing some of my 2" squares - back to the cutting board! LOL!

... all my my snowmen are clipped - now on to the next two assembly rounds - the sides and backs . . .

Again, thanking the Lord for my never-ending stash (hoard) of fabric, I quickly retrieve some orange, and after applying wonder under, I cut out the noses.  They're starting to come to life :)

Now, I have the batting cut, and with all 16 mug rug tops done, I'm calling it quits for the day - I'm ready to - it has nothing to do with the fact that my husband and kids are complaining about fending for themselves for breakfast and lunch . . . or that they're starting to ask if I will be fixing dinner today.  Honest!

Tomorrow I will put my mug rugs together, quilt, and machine bind.  [Note to self - put dinner in the crock pot in the morning!] 


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