Saturday, December 31, 2011

One more thing before 2012

I coupon.  I'll admit it - I do.  I am able to save my family 65-80% on groceries, household, and health and beauty products.  Everyone coupons for different reasons - for me . . . it leaves me with extra money to BUY FABRIC!!! :)  So anyway, I saw this coupon clutch which is a cover/bag for your binder - it sells for $29.95, which I'm not spending.  There are velcro flaps along both sides, coming around to the front which makes it look more like a purse than a binder.  I saw they also sold a pattern for it, and I have plenty (and I do mean plenty) of fabric on hand, so why not? So yesterday I spent 4 hours putting this together, on what would be my last sewing day of the year.  Have to say the pattern was not great, and I probably would've spent less time if I wasn't so lazy and just went ahead and drafted one myself!
Okay, so the first thing was the instructions were for a 2" binder, and my binder was 1 1/2", but I just figured I would sew up whatever slack there was - after cutting according to instruction measurements . . . um - too short!  It would not wrap around my binder, so I added an inch-and-a-half of contrasting fabric on each side - now it works.
I proceeded along, checking, measuring, and top stitching as I went.  The instructions were not thorough, but more-or-less general.  I did not like the big 1 patch pocket configuration, so I made my own to fit what I wanted, and to include my shopping cards.  There were no real "finishing" instructions for the inside flaps of the binder covers so I just turned under and hemmed before assembling.  Also there was no binding the ends/edges of the spine portion of the cover.  Just to zig zag stitch before assembling and turn so I added these 1" strips on each side before assembling - kind of like a self-binding for a neater appearance.  I don't know if this is how the ones sold are assembled, but I wouldn't want to pay for anything with zig zag showing. :(
Now, mine is done, and I'm very happy with it.  With the few adjustments I made, I will make one for my best friend - now we can shop in style!
A very happy new year to you!!!

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