Saturday, November 1, 2014

Planning Ahead . . .

Recently cruising the web, I viewed Sew Your Wardrobe for A Year 2015 challenge, and Sewing With a Plan 2015 (SWAP).  Things that make you go hmmmm....  Could I go on a Ready-to-Wear fast?  Probably.  Would I be successful?  Not sure.  By successful, I mean would I be able to put together a collection of pieces that would actually create a wardrobe?  I have always seen things I liked - and bought them or made them.  Only occasionally have I really thought about how they would be, could be, incorporated into what I currently own - or how they would enhance or complete my collection.  I guess it's fair to say my wardrobe is more of an accumulation then it is a collection. My problem is I like so much!!  Love Love Love clothes.  I'm thinking of participating in this challenge to try and change the way I look at purchases (or for this challenge - creations).  I want to see if I can take the things I love and somehow bring them together in a cohesive way . . . or learn to do without the extras that don't really bring anything to the set.  Maybe whittle down the clutter and chaos.

What do I like?  What has my eye spied???  You know - Pinterest is a greaaaaat distraction!!
I saw this look - actually from an previous year Chico's catalog . . .

LOVE IT!  Crazy thing is . . . I don't wear red.  I'm not saying I wouldn't - but I haven't.  For some reason I've never purchased anything red.  But I'm really drawn to this!

Saw something very similar on pinterest  . . .
Caught my eye - BAM!  Love it.  So now I have to think about why I'm so drawn to this, but I don't own any red.  This is going to be some project.

What I have on hand to use for creating this look  . . .

What else?  Love the Chanel style boucle jacket.

I have the NL 6188

Between Polyvore and Pinterest - I could go mad!  I love all the color, prints, and patterns - but I don't know how to make them behave with each other!  (Yes, I see the red and black again)

Okay - maybe first step is to pull out everything I love and look at the first four months - January to April, and take everything off the table that is not doable for that time of year here in Jersey.  Than cut it down from there, item by item - bottoms (skirts/pants), tops (blouses/jackets), coats?  And realizing I'm not going to get everything I want in four months - so stop complaining about it!!! and figure out a workable colorway for just these pieces and what pieces will work together.  Not that it will dictate what I will sew in the four months following - it is just for me to focus on for this 1st portion of the challenge.

Feeling better already!

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