Friday, February 17, 2012

truckin' along . . .

Yes, I'm still here . . . not a whole lot of time to play and create - but I'm squeezin' it in when I can! :)  Today is my day! I'm off today, and my children ARE NOT!!!  So anything gettin' done, needs doin' TODAY!

First I was up and at'tem at 6:30 this morning doing my Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T!  I'm trying to loose 50 lbs (I'm down 6 for my first two weeks) so trying to fit some activity and good eating is really KILLING me - but I'm not giving up!  Kashi with strawberries for breakfast and got the kiddos off to school!

Keeping my house stocked with fresh produce is really helping me, so I called my BFF and we headed to the local farmers' market - since buying a ton of produce at the grocery store would break the bank! :)  Time for a little more activity - we laced up our walkin' shoes and strolled the produce row!  This is one of three open markets that we went to.

Now with exercise, good eating, and socializin' out the way . . . .

TIME TO PLAY!  I have been wanting to dye some fabric (I'm all out!)
I'm only working with 12 half yard pieces since I have to work inside.  I'm looking for some "foresty" type stuff, and i need some pink stuff too.  I mixed the dyes accordingly.  At first glance, it's pretty obvious to me that the "trace" of Fuchsia I added should have been MUCH trac-ier!  LOL!  the tanner/browner shades seem to be good for what I need.  I also want some grays, greens, and blues - so I'm gonna need some more time over the next couple of weekends to get more done.

Please excuse the interruption of this program for a planned break . . . LUNCH!

Now, the washout will tell the tale!

I'm happy with the browns and pinks - I even got a "plum-like" piece too - very nice :)  -  I still have got a great deal on my "wish" list of fabrics that I want - so I guess this is just the start!


  1. Great fabric colors. Keep up the health eating.

  2. Sarah. It is me, Wendy, in northern virginia. I have found you again. Some of your followers are my quilting friends here. I am loving your blog. I met The Slow Quilter last Saturday at a small red and white quilt exhibit in D.C. I could put this in an email but after I write an email and go to send it from any blog I can't seem to get my email 'sent'. Heading to the Mid Atlantic show next week. Seeking inspiration. Just wanted to let you know I found you and expect me to drop in when I get home again. Good luck on you new healthy lifestyle change. Trying to stay on that healthy life style is like a second job.

    1. I can't wait to see you Wendy! Email me your email address or #, and I'll give you my cell #!


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