Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finally Moved!

We've finally moved!  And now we are in the process of finding a place for EVERYTHING that we've accumulated!  Good grief!  How much stuff we acquire over time!  I have gotten rid of a lot of just ridiculous, unnecessary stuff - now we're down to the nitty gritty.  Some things will remain boxed up until we can get the paint and shelves up - etc.  You know, make it ours.  BUT I have unearthed enough of my precious sewing tools that for today, I decided it was time for a sewing break.  Well, a day.  A sewing day!

This is a breakfast nook.  Well, these jokers are gonna have to "breakfast" elsewhere - cause I have claimed this spot!  I have had my life in a box for 10 months!  Feels good to "feel" my toys again :)  Been pulling my threads and fabrics, and notions out all weekend.  I have to get my pegboards and shelves up - to hold this collection - but for now, I've found enough that I can actually remember where I left off at.

The last thing I worked on was the Dare 2 Dresden challenge.  I found my red and white log cabins, patiently waiting for their sashing to be done, so I dove right in!

I worked on the white sashing strips first, attaching the blue squares to make my star points.  Done one side, and on to the next!

Clip the corners, open and press . . .

Then on to the reds  :)

My daughter moved to Texas a couple of weeks ago, and decided she didn't want to take her Kenmore (and cabinet & accessories) with her.  So she gave them to me (grinning from ear-2-ear).  I wasn't able to try it out, so I thought today was the perfect time.

This baby is a real workhorse and sews BEAUTIFULLY!  It came with the cabinet (in excellent condition), and the original manual and accessories - I think she got it at an estate sale for $15.  When it came to the house, my husband says, "why would you take another sewing machine?!  good grief - how many do you need?"  Need?  Who said anything about Need???  Define "Need".

I mean really.  Sean Bean would know!

I don't know how much sewing I'll get done this week - but I definitely enjoyed myself today!  I'll be good and unpack some more.  Hopefully get to paint in another week.  Now. . .  we just have to agree on a color! LOL!

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  1. Yes, Sean Bean would certainly agree! Love the spools for your threads- have to try that for my sewing room instead of multiple lock n lock containers


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