Sunday, June 16, 2013

Making Progress . . .

So I've finished the red sashing, and I have my parts lined up and ready to go!

Because I tend to get a little wonky putting things together, I laid all my blocks and sashing out to make sure everything was turned the right way.  Then I take a picture of it, so I can refer to it when I'm putting everything together.  If I take it off the floor and just stitch it right from there - no problem.  But it never fails, something always comes up and I've gotta stop, and I've either put things away - or it gets moved - and I come back scratchin' my head trying to figure out where I left off at. LOL!

And here you can see, I've started piecing my rows together. 

Pretty busy, with Father's Day weekend and all, so I've only got my 5 rows together.  Hopefully I can piece the sashing together Tuesday and get the top finished by next weekend.  Then on to the quilting next week (in between painting the house - hmmmm).

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