Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bits of Joy . . .

Went to guild meeting last night - a total pick-me-up.  Last night the speaker was Suzanne Egan-Hill who makes Painted Batiks.  Wow!!
She went through the process of creating her images on blank fabric, adding the dye and wax, and dye, and wax - color mixing - removing the wax - crackle effect.  Absolutely stunning work.  I can't tell you how much I'm itchin' to try this, and how far away this is from anything I've ever attempted, AND long my list of "want to try's" already is!!!  Suzanne had various sized pieces on display, as well as various sizes of work for sale.

I love Goodies!  After her presentation, Suzanne told us her birthday was on March 4th, and after asking to see who's birthday was closest to hers - mine being on March 2nd - she let me choose on of her small art sets.  I picked the sea shell set, which had seven pieces, each approximately 3"x4".  Now just need to think what to do/make with them!  I also got to pick a fat-eighth out of the fabric basket since my birthday was in the month of March - loved this brown floral!
Show n' Tell, Show n' Tell!  When you get well over 50 quilters together in one place - believe me, show n' tell is gonna be a while.  First are the community outreach quilts - this by no means represents all the quilts showed/donated, just a sampling.  We currently donate quilts to the pediatric NICU at our local hospital, Service/QOV quilts for our vets and service men and women, as well as other outreach projects.
Then BOM (February's block) . . . no, I didn't finish my black and white one . . .  I always love seeing everyone's take on the block - so different and beautiful!
and some more show n' tell - just a few because I tell ya ... tons!  tons!  gorgeous stuff these ladies make!
So, had a great time . . . added more ideas to my ridiculously long list of "want to do's", and got a little boost to my motivation to get a little more done this week!  I still need to get to my NYB for this week.  I'm making that one for my BFF, and I don't want to get behind on the blocks, got 1 baby quilt to be cut out before the end of the week  for part of my community service donation, and possibly get some sketching time in for a quilt I want to get in the works. Yikes! only a couple of days left in this week so I need to act purposefully!

Hope you're having a blessed and productive week!  Keep on quiltin'!

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