Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ugh . . .

Worked on my NYB block today.  The Slow Quilter warned me it would be a lot of cutting . . . truly NO EXAGGERATION!  For some reason this block was really a problem for me. My brain would not work right today at all. :(

These triangle centers gave me a dickens of a time . . . rip, rip, rip!  For some reason I would either put the gray where I wanted the green, or wrong sides facing instead of right sides facing, etc., etc., etc.  FINALLY I got all four done.

The rest of the pieces went together fairly easy. . . 

Thank goodness, because I think I was about to CRY!


  1. They look beautiful! Even if they gave you a hard time, you got them done and they look great!!

  2. Who would ever know. They are looking good to me.

  3. I love your choice of fabrics, and if you think this one was fabric challenging, wait for the next, one. I have been sick, and I will blog Monday morning and so you can see what you are up against. Are you makeing the whole block or just the 1/4 pie?


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