Sunday, March 4, 2012

This n' That . . .

So, I've got a couple things on the sewing table now - gotta put a little time in and make it look like I'm makin' progress. LOL!

As a birthday present to myself, I'm taking a class on Craftsy, with Wendy Butler Berns.  I've gotten through the first 3 videos, and this is my progress so far . . .

I printed out my pattern, and traced the pattern onto my freezer paper using my new Pilot FriXon pens (I was sooo anxious to try them).  ***NOTE!!!  Really cool pens, write on, rub off, OR iron off.  This is a problem if you actually want to KEEP the writing! LOL!  I ironed my freezer paper to my fabric, and lost my numbers and register marks! (ooops!)  But if you want mark your fabric and THEN sew it, and THEN iron it - these are the pens for YOU!
We have what we call "auditioning" the fabrics.  I'm not real "hot" about these greens, but this is a class project so, whatever I have on hand is it.  Then I cut all the pieces of the puzzle . . . I mean freezer paper, and ironed them to the fabric and cut out.  Let the party begin!

As I start turning the edges under, glue basting, and continuing, things start to take form . . . and since I'm so impatient, I had to sneak a look at the back side of things :)

Here's a close up of the "turned under" edges, and also a picture of everything piece together - just needed to add the stem and flower.

So my top is pieced together now.  I'll make some time this week to progress with the next video in the lesson - my top still may need embellishing, and then I will quilt it.

But I think tomorrow starts the New York Beauty quilt-a-long. . . so that time is definitely taken!

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