Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's up for the week??

Well, I'm still working on my cone flower from my Wendy Butler Berns class.  The last video I watched was the machine applique process, so off I went . . . very slowly.  I used monofilament thread, set my machine for zig zag, small stitch 1.5, and put on my free-motion foot.  Very uncomfortable at first.  It was difficult for me to keep my stitches evenly spaced, so it took awhile to get into a movement rhythm.  As I was going, I kept noticing the holes.  The holes.  Oh my!  The holes from the needle and the clear thread.  Wendy did say in the video that they would "disappear" after quilting and embellishments were added.  We'll see. . .

Although my free-motion quilting is not the great (I still need some practice), I'm still happy I get to use my FriXon pens, and I'll even splurge a little add a bit of color.  I've never been adventurous with color - but why not?!
Nothing fancy-shmancy, just a little on the flower, and some flowy skylines.  I still have to do the grass, but it's almost done! :)


  1. OH, that is beautiful. I wish I had the time to do art quilts with your detail. I still don't able to freehand quilt, but it is on my list to do.

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