Thursday, March 1, 2012

If It's March

. . . why am just now working on February's block of the month for guild?  Dunno.  With work, kids, chores, and on and on - boy it's hard to find time to sew.  So here I am, squeezin' it in!  This month's block (a'hem, excuse me - February's block) is Spinning Star.  This is truly a scrappy endeavor.  I'm going to rip through all the scraps I have to throw into these blocks for 2012. 
Like so many blocks, cut, sew together, cut apart and sew together again.  The only problem I have, especially with smaller pieces - after the layers start building up, it's hard for me to make nice smooth, straight seams with all the bulk.

My spinning star: 

and my two blocks so far: 

I'm also making a set in black - so I guess I'll do the black February tomorrow.  You know . . . on March 2nd. :)

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